10 Reasons Why I (Temporarily) Moved to Buenos Aires

Hello, gorgeous. (Yes, YOU!)

Christina here – chiming in from the cozy balcony of my studio apartment in Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

I’ve just arrived to call this charming place home for a bit, and I couldn’t be happier to share the news.

It’s been some time since I’ve written here (loads to share at some point), but after receiving the same question on IG stories from so many of you today, I figured it would be best to go ahead and answer here!

Of course: WHY Buenos Aires?!

For anyone considering a long or short-term trip to the Paris of the South, here are 10 reasons I’ve decided to make it my temporary home:

1- Buenos Aires is Oh-So-Charming 

Since my first visit to Buenos Aires in November of last year, I was immediate struck by the insane charm.

It has the scale of Manhattan, the architecture of Europe, and the lifestyle, currency and hours of operation of South America. Magic found.


2- Practicar mi espanol 

To be honest, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit on the internet that I don’t speak Spanish fluently.

After growing up in south Florida and 4 years of study, simple lack of regular use has led most words (and definitely most grammar) to escape me, and we’re only getting older here. Especially working around-the-clock on a global project where English is the least common language of our team, it’s a daily reminder of where I’m selling myself short.

Argentines may speak Castellano, pero estoy aquí para practicar.

3- Creative and Start-Up Community 

What initially led me to San Francisco, draws my same interest here in Buenos Aires. Artists, photographers, performers regularly fill the streets with passion, while budding writers, designers, entrepreneurs fill cafes galore.

Buenos Aires is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America — but still making a name for itself on a global scale for innovation — and that’s a great energy to be around.

4- Constant Inspiration 

On the same wavelength as creative energy, inspiration is found at every corner here!

Art is simply part of the culture, with intricate murals painted across most walls, tango shows in the streets, and tonnes of free cultural events in the many museums and parks.


5- People Who Make Eye-Contact During Conversations Instead of Staring at their Phones

I can be as guilty of this as the next American, especially when I’m stable in work mode in SF for a while, but it was one of the first things I noticed here.

Buenos Aires is a sprawling, dense, business metropolis, yet when you’re walking around, people aren’t in the middle of phone calls on every sidewalk. In restaurants and cafes, Porteños (Buenos Aires locals) enjoy each other’s company uninterruptedly, instead of looking down at their devices.

Surely, there are many factors that play into this, but whether for convenience, safety or mindfulness, it’s a welcome change of pace.

6- Positive Nationalism 

Argentines are known for having an immense amount of pride about their country, and for people who have been through decades of political instability, economic collapses, shaking social programs, world cup losses (the ultimate ego hit), etc. it is so refreshing to still experience their whole-hearted adoration for their homeland.

7- Outdoor Seating 

IT MAY BE WINTER, but it’s not too cold to sit outside on the wide sidewalks of all of these high ceiling, chic design restaurants and thank heavens! Because there are so. many. great. spots.


8- Nightlife 

An ode to my south FL roots, I love love love that the normal time to leave the house to go out around here is around midnight, and that clubs full of high-energy dance music don’t close until well after dawn. I’m a natural born night owl, and Buenos Aires just gets it.

9- Wine (and Local Wine Regions!)

Did you think we were really going to get to 10 without mentioning this one? Mas Malbec, por favor. Headed to Mendoza next week!

10- Grabr Community 

Of course, saving the best reason for last, Buenos Aires is home to one of our biggest Grabr communities!

Having traveled here twice with grabs before, I already have a great network of friends on the ground, and was able to earn some extra cash on my trip en route this time, too.

Argentines deal with a restricted economy, so locals rely on Grabr to get essential items such as nutrition supplements and children’s goods, and everyday luxuries like electronics and American brand clothes. While I’m here, I’ll be working on building out our perks for travelers, to make it even more enticing for you to head this way!

If Buenos Aires is on your travel short-list, check out items that locals are asking for here to fund your trip, and feel free to use my invite link to cash out an extra $50 for your first delivery.

I can’t wait to show you guys more of this beautiful city over the next couple of months!


Have you traveled to Buenos Aires? Is it on your bucket list?

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