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2020’s been tough. Let’s Dance. | Oct 29 4pm PT

2020’s been tough, y’all.

We’ve had a global pandemic, tragic deaths, severe economic hardship, separated families, systemic racial injustice brought to greater light than we’ve seen in this lifetime, an unspoken social war between political parties in the U.S., human rights challenged… continuously… for already marginalized groups, a looming mental health crisis on the rise, a total lapse in educational effectiveness during a transition to remote learning, a deep-rooted seed of fear planted between humans “outside of our immediate home,” and lots of other messes in between.

The apocalyptic locust swarms of this year are both literally and metaphorically, here.

AND, we’ve also had veils lifted about connections behind power, more time than ever to sit at home and reflect — challenging as that may be — our core values and paths, reclaim (or come to better understand our relationship with) our physical health, assess our relationships and living situations, and overall sit with all of the benefits and provocations that come along with deep rest after a season of normalized “go.”

Since energy flows where attention goes, my girl Sara Lynn, Flow Coach and fellow yogi, and I are hosting a 30-minute dance party this Thursday, Oct 29 at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

“But how could you want to dance in a time like this?!” – I hear you thinking.

This is precisely the time we want to dance.

This weekend, we’re coming into a Hunter’s Blue Moon — a double whammy of a 2nd full moon in a month, and a full moon on Halloween, which happens only 1x every 18-19 years.

In lunar cycles, a full moon offers us the peak of light. Vision. Clarity.

And invites us to let go and create space for that which we invite in during the next cycle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to create some space.

And space is always better with your people.

It will be 30 minutes, totally free, and totally FUN.

If you’re into it, bring your housemates, kids, pets, favorite bevvy.

Hope to see ya:

Use Access Code “DANCE” to register for FREE.

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