7 Apps to Know as an Expat in Buenos Aires

World famous for it’s tasty parillas, passionate tango and emerging startup scene, Buenos Aires is starting to rise in popularity for global expats – and I have so loved living here to be a part of it all for the last two months.

Whether you’ve planning to live in the Paris of the South, for a few months or a few years, here are 7 apps to know as an expat to help you settle in mas rapido:

Porteño Spanish

First thing’s first – your Spanish is no good here. Google Translate and Duolingo won’t do you much good for understanding popular words like “che” and “boludo” around Buenos Aires, or help out at all with that thick Castellano accent.

Download Porteño Spanish a few weeks before you arrive, and you’ll at least have a few extra laughs, and more respect from the locals for trying.

BA Agenda Cultural

Buenos Aires is by no means an inexpensive city – comparable in price range to places like Austin or Atlanta in the U.S., but with amenities, diversity and nightlife on par with NYC.

Luckily for your wallet, free cultural and city-hosted events provide entertainment options most nights of the week, and BA Agenda Cultural is a one-stop shop to help you find them.


The “Open Table” of south America, Restorando is your go-to app for reserving dinner reservations, starting at 10pm of course.

Pedidos Ya

Out of groceries but not up for a night on the town?

Not to worry – entrada: Pedidos Ya. Delivering everything from sushi, milanesas and pizzas to late night cocktails, ice cream and empanadas, you’ll never have to worry about getting something to eat.


Although this popular transportation app is technically illegal here, there are always drivers on the streets and you can easily catch an Uber ride if your account is tied to a US bank.

A new “cash” option allows non-Americans to take advantage of the same convenience – or if you prefer to do as the locals do, you can hail a local cab (albeit with a longer wait) using Easy Taxi instead.

BA Eco Bici

Cycling around Buenos Aires is one of the fastest ways to get to know the city – and skip all the traffic and parking delays. Flat streets and wide bicycle lanes make it easy to navigate, and BA Eco Bici will help you find the closest bike to rent for a day (or a week).


After only a few weeks in Buenos Aires, you’ll start to notice that some basic, everyday products are super expensive – especially clothes and electronics.

When your laptop charger finally gives out or you just start missing something special from home, simply place an order on Grabr and a traveler like you who is coming to Buenos Aires will fill your void.

On average, deliveries take around 14 days. (See also: learn how to make $ traveling when you come to Buenos Aires here.)

BONUS – Are you a long-term traveler or digital nomad who is staying in Buenos Aires a while? Be sure to check out events by DNX – Buenos Aires’ global digital nomad community. It has grown from 2-10,000 people in only a few short years, and they’d love if you came to say “que tal.”

Know of another useful app for Buenos Aires expats? Let me know in the comments below!

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