My Vision

For the first time in my life, for the past 6 months I’ve allowed my achievement-oriented self to “do” just about nothing. To rest. To recover. To follow my intuition. To “be.”

As someone who has been building *something* since I was 14, you might imagine the war that this caused in my mind at first.

But my body knew what I needed.

And for the first time, at 31, I allowed myself to see past what I can now recognize as scarcity mindset and listen.

This has been a year of untangling my own thought patterns and limiting beliefs, investing in the education I always wished I’d had (nutrition, holistic wellness), tuning in through a LOT of yoga and meditation, ecstatic dance, curiosity, and time with the most soulfully aligned guides.

Through lots of (forced) sitting, the question that has come up the most is: “where am I still playing SMALL,” “and WHY?”

Turns out, I’ve been playing small for a while.

For everything I have put out in the world, there’s so much more I keep hidden – for fear of being seen, isolated, misunderstood.

So much I don’t say – to stay relatable, digestible, and what I perceived as “safe.”

It may be universal, as everyone I’ve shared this intimate detail with 1:1 has experienced the same. (Have you?)

But if this year has taught me anything, it’s that true safety is in the free fall.


This week, I joined a beautiful workshop by Mel Wells around feminine leadership.

She prompted the group to define our vision for the world at large, and when I let the question actually settle, the answer that poured out scared and inspired me alike.

After all, our dreams our our potential, showing us what is possible to achieve…

As a practice in releasing this fear I have of being seen or understood, here it is:

I’m Christina Leigh, and my vision for the world is that we are taught from childhood to come into connection with the Self and our depth of interconnectedness within this holistic ecosystem of our planet.

For standardized education to teach us that everything in this life is vibration and frequency, and that your mindset truly *is* your reality.

That we have the power in each of our divine, creative hands to rewrite our genetic code and CREATE the vision for our lives in our wildest imagination, by getting clear on our individual purpose and saying NO to everything that isn’t that.

That isolation *will* happen along the way, that this is part of the human experience of finding your tribe, and that it won’t last long.

My vision is that we learn as children how the body connects to itself, how the air we breathe connects to our organs and our earth and our emotional body, and how our actions in cities/central populations directly impact HER wildness – which literally keeps us alive.

That young girls to have access to literacy, education, and NUTRITION – taught through means of creativity and play, vs. standardized linear approaches.

That we replace meaningless “what’s up”’s with “where are you playing SMALL?”

For clean, natural water to be accessible to all humans, and to eliminate plastic waste.

That we shift the idea of “success’” to represent balanced, holistic JOY, gratitude, loving relationships, purpose and *internal* freedom.

And that the leaders of TECHNOLOGY lead this shift through our Selves, Communities and Companies – prioritizing PURPOSE *through* profits… that support PEOPLE.

My vision is for women with vision to not feel FEAR of not being met or desired in romance because of her AMBITION.

My part in this is leading by example, empowering my self and communities with tools to create this vision, and releasing a fear of being seen in sharing this.

My part is committing to work only in areas that support this vision, and standing unapologetically in my truth and desire to “achieve” it.

My part is in sharing this vision openly, so those who share it naturally begin to appear, and that I may be in collaboration with those who are ALREADY creating this world.

My part is in BEING this vision, by committing to it every. single. day.


If you’ve made it reading this far – thank you for sharing a few minutes of your day with my soul.

YOU are my people, and I’d love to co-create this world with you.

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