Finally, Itinerary Planning Made Easy

If you love big adventures but hate less love spending dozens of hours planning them, you’re going to be super excited about what’s coming next.

Plango is the newest travel itinerary planning tool out of Silicon Valley, helping you easily plan your perfect vacation by picking from hundreds of templates already created by other travelers, or simply popping in keywords for that area and dragging and dropping experiences onto your own custom agenda.

All of your maps, pictures, lists, calendar, search tools, “phoning a friend” for reviews, and even booking — i.e. everything usually spread out for weeks all over the dining room table — all combined into one clean and compact spot.


Possibly the best part is the ability to create multi-city itineraries… with friends.

Group text? BYE FELICIA.

How Do You Plango?

  1. Login to
  2. Find a Plan to customize, browse Top Collections or select a New Plan to start from scratch
  3. Get to Planning!

Once you’ve entered the main details for your trip: Title, Description and Dates in the Summary, a countdown automatically pops up top (genius), and you can start creating your custom Itinerary, actually process Booking, or add To-Do’s or Friends to join in.

Then, hop on over to the Itinerary — this is where the magic happens.


Have absolutely no clue what you want to do while you’re in town?

No problem.

Plango automatically populates the most popular things to do in your selected cities from Foursquare, in review-ranked order from other travelers, on the left — and sets you up to drag and drop them directly onto your own custom Itinerary on the right.

Switch it up with any city and keyword you like: “hotel,” “ice cream,” “hiking,” “brunch,” “volunteering” — whatever floats your sunshine-lit catamaran.

And every trip you plan, is helping another traveler plan theirs!

Check things off the To-Do list leading up to the days of your trip, and then be on your way, with access to your full plan, booking info, and local reviews all at your fingertips, sans the oversized guidebook full of post-it notes.

Test Plango out for yourself at and be sure to check out my curated travel guides for Mexico City, NorCal wine country and Sunny Isles Beach — would love to know what you think!

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Thanks to Plango for partnering on this post, and for creating a tool I’ve been waiting forever for! As always, all opinions are my own. 

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