Wynwood Walls, Miami \\ Photo Walk Wednesday

Street art has a way of telling a neighborhood’s story better than tours or history books ever could. Created by the people, constantly changing and unswayed by politicians, it’s one of the most authentic features of any city, and always one of my favorite things to look out for.

This week’s Photo Walk Wednesday is coming to you from the opposite of my current coast — a Saturday evening stroll through the Wynwood Walls in Miami, FL.

If you remember from visiting Acqualina, marveling at Wynwood’s mold from a shifty neighborhood of factories and alleyways into a burgeoning arts, food + culture district has been a prime wonder during my trips back home to south FL over the past eight years.

Here Comes the Neighborhood is a brief series documenting that shift since 2009, with the Walls as a focal catalyst. It follows their journey of transition from an empty parking lot to a dedicated artisan space that created community within an otherwise piecey collection of tags, and has now featured works from 50+ renowned street artists from around the world.

The Wnywood Walls concept from inception was to use street art to “re-think” the area, to keep the grit, diversity and eccentricity, but use dedicated location to give it a center — a heartbeat — from which to grow. Now a celebrated Miami destination, home of artisanal coffee shops, proper art galleries, street art + food tours, gastropubs and event spaces, grow it has.

Here’s what the Wynwood Walls art project and interior warehouse look like today:

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For more on the Wynwood Walls, check out their brilliant, street-art legendary official photographer Martha Cooper.

Are you a street art fan? Where are some of your favorites?



  • Marie @ Marie Away
    March 4, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    So colourful! Looks like a pretty unique spot. Great post!

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